About the Club

A sports club specialized in “Al Mazaen” festivals, established by virtue of the decision of His Excellency the Minister of Sports and Youth, No. (12) for the year 2021 AD.

The club aims to support and encourage all activities and races related to camel farms, work to develop them, organize festivals for camels in the State of Qatar, participate in external festivals, support those interested and facilitate their participation in them inside and outside the country.

Establishing and managing sports facilities related to Al Mazayen Festivals, according to the latest standards and specifications, and maintaining and maintaining them,

About Qatar Camel Festival

Qatar Camel Festival is a sports festival, a lively gathering, and an opportunity for camel owners to come together in State of Qatar and Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
It is done according to a well-thought-out framework to make it easy for everyone to participate and enjoy the hobby of parents and grandparents.